A Ruined Vacation

This is a story written by my little sister, Arya.

This story is also edited my me.

Dad, Mom, Andrew, and I were getting in the private jet with our suitcases. I was struggling to lug the suitcase and was far behind my family. 

“Hurry up Amanda, get in a seat! ’’ Mom called. 

“Coming!” I called back. I looked around to find a comfortable window seat, and plopped down next to my family. I was so happy that I had gotten the window seat. Soon, we would be on the way to our vacation in Hawaii. I thought about the snorkeling adventures, the peaceful beaches, and the cool wildlife I would see on the vacation. I was extremely excited. Soon, the jet took off. My ears felt like they were popping due to the  increase in air pressure. When in the air, I watched as my city grew smaller and smaller from the plane. Soon, we were touching the clouds. They were enormous and looked like tufts of cotton candy. The sun shined above me as I embraced its light. It felt like another paradise.I was so glad I had gotten a window seat. For a while I read one of my favorite books and had a huge dinner. The flight attendant provided me with a feast of golden chicken, spaghetti, crispy fries, and the perfect and cool slushy. I savored every bite. I was definitely enjoying this trip. Meanwhile, Andrew was watching a movie. He laughed and snorted like a pig as I chuckled to myself. Hours went by, and I was starting to feel tired. The travel was adding to my exhaustion. Soon, I fell asleep.                 

“Amanda wake up it’s 9:00 already!’’  Mom hollered in my face. As I opened my tired eyes, the bright sunlight from the window pierced them. I struggled to open them as I was extremely tired.   “Ok I’m up, but do you hear that sound?’’ I asked.  It sounded like a loud siren belting. Or a little creature whaling. It also sounded like Andrew whining. I was petrified. 

“I hear it,’’  Andrew said with a dreadful expression  

“Chill out, Amanda and Andrew. It’s just  a little turbulence which is completely normal on a flight.’’ Mom was right it probably was a little turbulence. As I looked out the window, I saw that we were flying over the bright, beautiful  ocean. Suddenly, I bumped in my seat. 

Then, our pilot made an announcement, “Everyone, remain in your seats. The turbulence is getting worse.”  Now suitcases and luggages were clattering. There was a shuffle of feet as the flight attendants returned to their seats. My stomach twisted and turned as the shaking of the plane gradually became worse. I looked to my parents who didn’t have a single worry. It was most likely going to be fine. I sat in my seat, trying to focus on anything else because the turbulence was really scaring me. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang. I flinched and looked around to see the luggage falling. “Everyone, the plane is going down! Grab a life jacket from under your seat and get to safety! Please board a raft as we are right above the ocean!” shouted the pilot. My family and I were panicking. The whole plane  was shaking violently. What was going to happen to us? But first my family and I had to put on a life jacket and then get the raft under the seat. The plane kept shaking as me and my family struggled  to get and put on our life jackets. This was supposed to be a nice vacation in Hawaii, but our vacation was ruined! However, that was the least of our worries. My family and I had to get out of the plane as soon as possible. I wish I never even went on vacation, I wish I  was safe at home. As I went to reach  the raft, the plane was going down rapidly. The pilot made another announcement, “The plane is going down. Hurry! Finish getting the raft and jump!’’ As I ran to grab the raft for my family, I screamed. The plane was shaking, making it hard for me to retrieve the raft for my family. We struggled to put on our life jackets and get the raft. Andrew and I were terrified as I retrieved the raft. We struggled to pull the raft so that we could board it safely. Then it was the moment. We had to jump down into the ocean. The plane was going down fast so we had to hurry. The wind roared ferociously as Andrew jumped first. Then my mom jumped. It was my turn. With all the courage in me, I took a swift step and jumped to safety. The air and sea breeze hit my face as I landed on the raft in the ocean. I couldn’t believe it. We were all safe. We followed the pilot and the flight attendants, who were each on separate rafts. They instructed us to pull out the safety guide where we learned to launch a giant flare into the air, in hopes that someone would see us. 

After several minutes, a rescue helicopter arrived.We were right in the search zone so it was very easy for others to find us. I panicked as I noticed that the plane we had been on moments before, was sinking. Down it went with a crash, under the mysterious ocean. I couldn’t help but cry. This experience was terrifying but it taught me that we all need to cooperate in a dangerous situation. I was lucky that everyone did their part to help. My parents pulled me and Andrew in for a tight hug. “Guys, we made it,” I said with a sigh. I looked down from the rescue helicopter. The terrifying ocean looked so still and beautiful. The clouds surrounded us like a warm blanket. We were safe. We had definitely been very lucky. 

(Picture from Pexels)

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