A New Experience

Recently, I got invited along with a few of my classmates to visit a headquarters of a really cool support organization called Canine Companions for Independence. This was an amazing experience for me to help others in need. Specifically, what Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) does is that it allows a well trained dog to assist a disabled person. They are trained to help different cases of disabled people like people who are deaf and physically incapable. They even assist in hospitals and schools to make disabled children feel better. Some special dogs help incapable children and allow them to live normal lives without worry.

So, along with visiting the headquarters of CCI in Santa Rosa, California, I got the opportunity to see a very emotional event. I experienced the trained dogs, who are going through the process of learning, matriculate. People were crying because their dogs, who have been training with them for months, were leaving and moving along the stage to help people in need. It was like a college graduation, with as much emotion and importance. At this event, I was honored to speak before many people on this topic. My school who does fundraising for this event, raised over $56,000 for this amazing cause for seven years. Our school’s donation has paid to train one CCI puppy for a great cause. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to participate in this campaign and help people in need.

Donate to CCI


*Image taken by Chris Kittredge

Please watch this video to learn more about CCI and how it has changed other people’s lives.

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