My Lake Tahoe Trip

Lake Tahoe is an amazing and scenic place to go in any time of year. During the Christmas holiday, my family and I visited this winter wonderland. However, to fully enjoy the snow experience, you need to have the proper snow gear. On this trip we needed snow boots; a thick, waterproof winter coat; snow pants or a snow bib; waterproof gloves; and a beanie to keep ourselves warm. Also, additions such as ear muffs and woolen socks added to the comfort. Whatever you do, don’t leave your sled and skis behind. Our family went on a five day road trip to and from Lake Tahoe which included adventure and beautiful scenery. I hope you enjoy this trip as much as I did.

Day 1

Today was just a long trip to Tahoe by road. Along the way, we stopped at Folsom for lunch where we ate at Mylapore, a South Indian restaurant. Mylapore is great for vegetarians and is just a casual restaurant. We restocked and picked up snacks at Safeway before heading back out on the road. As you get closer to Tahoe, you can see the dramatic change in scenery as it goes from green to white. My sister, cousins, and I wanted to play in the snow for a while, so we stopped at a public snow play area along the way. These play areas can be found just about anywhere in Lake Tahoe. Anyways, my family and I had fun in the snow. There, we learned that you should never step in fresh snow because you can sink into the snow. Instead, step in places where other people are and if there are footprints in the snow, step in that because other people already pressed the snow down. After the snow play, we drove directly to Reno which is about an hour away from Tahoe. You can also stay at Carson City since hotels at Lake Tahoe can be expensive. At Reno, we stayed at Atlantis. Atlantis is a beautiful hotel with amazing rooms, great cleaning services, and extra amenities. At Atlantis there is an indoor pool, a spa, casino, restaurants, arcade, and a gym. I had fun at the indoor pool where I played with my sister and cousins. I definitely enjoyed the hotel experience as a kid.

Day 2

Today it was a very dreary and rainy day, so unfortunately, we couldn’t go to any snow activities. Instead, we went sightseeing. We visited Emerald Bay, located in South Lake Tahoe. Emerald Bay is a beautiful, picturesque place with glistening water. You can get the whole view of Lake Tahoe from its observation deck.

Emerald Bay

Lake Tahoe is a basin created by the rise and fall of the land because of faulting. The basin was created by lava flowing from Mount Pluto. As the ice from the Sierra Nevadas melted, it flowed into this basin, gradually creating an enormous freshwater lake. Anyways, as we left Emerald Bay, it started snowing. It was the first time I had seen it snow before. It gradually started snowing heavier and heavier, so much that nearly eight to ten inches of snow was left. Because of the weather, we left for our hotel and ate at a small Bangkok restaurant in Reno called Bangkok Cuisine. There it served amazing food, my favorite being the fried rice and hot and sour soup. I really loved this warm and cozy restaurant and my family enjoyed it as well. An hour after arriving at Atlantis, we went to another hotel called Circus Circus where we went to the local arcade and watched a couple of circus shows. We saw a trapeze artist and a chair-stacking man who went to some dangerous heights. At Circus Circus we also ate at Yogurt Paradise before heading back to Atlantis.

Day 3

Today was a very exciting day! We went to Heavenly Ski Resort located in South Lake Tahoe. Since it snowed yesterday, the trees around us were filled with fresh snow. There was beautiful snow everywhere we looked. The trip to Heavenly was about an hour and a half from Reno. My family was entertained by the beautiful scenery. As we started climbing up the mountain to go to Heavenly, we passed 7,000 feet of elevation. The highest area of Tahoe is 6,224 feet above sea level. As we got to Heavenly, we noticed an enormous line even at 9:00 AM, so make sure to come at 8:30 AM, when the ski resort opens. After buying the tickets, waiting in giant lines, and asking questions to the ski guides at Heavenly, we finally started the fun. To ski, snow board, and snow tube at Heavenly, you need to take the gondola up the mountain to do all those activities on the other side of the mountain. The scenery from the gondola is breathtaking. On one side of the gondola, you can see the whole Lake Tahoe. On the other side, you can see the enormous mountain that the gondola is climbing. The snow on the bottom is as fluffy as a cloud.

Heavenly Gondola

There is also an observation deck where you can take pictures at the top of the mountain giving the same view as the gondola. The observation deck and the gondola provided the best scenery on this Lake Tahoe trip. Time goes by quickly when you’re having fun, so the trip up the mountain ended very quickly. When we got down at the location to ski, snow board, and snow tube, one thing that I noticed that it was very cold and misty because we were at the top of a mountain. Proper snow gear is absolutely necessary for Heavenly. After booking tickets at the front desk at the top of the mountain, we began to snow tube. This was a lot of fun! You get up the snow tubing hill in a machine called the Magic Carpet, and then snow tube down the hill. The ride is very fast and is 500 feet long. When you’re sliding down the hill, tiny bits of ice hit your face, adding to the fun.

At the top of the mountain, there is also a restaurant where you can warm up and eat many warm foods and hot cocoa. At 4:00 PM, we finished the snow activities and by that time, everyone was tired and cold. We went down the misty mountain after waiting in a very long line and arrived at our hotel at 7:00 PM.

Day 4

After we had woken up and gotten ready, we drove up north to a public sledding area. Today was very sunny and bright, making it a perfect day to play in the snow. There are many public and free places where you can sled. This particular sledding area had an enormous hill with beautiful mountains in the background. Unlike the snow tubing place in Heavenly, we went sledding a lot of times. This place also had soft snow, perfect for building a snowman or snow fort. My whole family enjoyed this area and part of the trip because of the sunny day, plenty of snow, and the fast, sledding experience. In addition, our snow clothes kept us comfortable and warm in the cold environment.

After a few hours of sledding, we headed back to the hotel where we ate at a buffet located inside the hotel called Toucan Charlie’s. At the buffet, there were many different cuisines including Mexican, Chinese, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Italian, Mediterranean, and American. There were also numerous salads, fruits, and desserts. There are even sugar free desserts ranging from cupcakes to multilayered lava cakes. I personally loved the New York cheesecake and the tres leches cake.

Lava cake and Ice cream

We stayed at the buffet for a while before heading to the pool and then to sleep.

Day 5

On our last day, it was time to head back home. But not before we got our last memory of the snow. We headed to another public sledding area where we enjoyed the thrill of the snow and ice for half an hour. What I noticed was that the ice started to get slippery when you sled. You can easily slip and fall on the ice and get hurt badly. Try watching your step and where other people are sledding if you visit a sledding area with slippery and thin ice. The snow was coming to an end as we noticed the same change in scenery as we did before. This time the trees’ color changed from white to green. We headed out of Lake Tahoe and stopped for lunch at Chaat Paradise located in Roseville. Chaat Paradise is a delicious place to get Indian food. The service is nice. The restaurant is clean. The food is yummy. My favorite was the paneer tikka masala and bindi fry. My family and I left this place with a full stomach.

We finally arrived home after a great trip to Lake Tahoe filled with snow, beautiful scenery, adventure, and great food. I loved this trip and hope that you can use this to plan or influence your trip to Lake Tahoe.

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