It was a beautiful day in Munich, a humble kingdom in Bavaria. I was peacefully riding a magnificent black stallion. As the princess of Munich, I had access to almost anything.

     “Giddy up, Gabriel,” I said as I launched my foot into Gabriel’s lower belly By doing that, the speed of my dear stallion increased as he went from a bumpy trot to a steady gallop in the vibrant green field.

     Suddenly, I heard a loud sound of a bugle and knew at once that I was summoned to the palace. The palace, where I lived, was grand and huge. It was made completely out of grey porcelain, and smooth marble columns lined the halls.

     King Ludwig, my father, sat boldly on his huge golden throne. Guards stood to either side of the throne and greeted me with a low bow. I stood patiently next to my two older brothers. My oldest brother, Loyd, a twenty year-old man with shining blonde hair and glimmering eyes, bowed before Father along with Peter. Peter was the second oldest who had long, thick brown hair which almost reached his shoulders, and stormy gray eyes. If he stared at you long enough, you would feel scared and powerless. It was almost like Peter’s eyes held power. A small dagger was tucked under his belt and shone brightly glistening under the chandelier. I slowly bowed as well.

      “My children,” Father started. “It is the time to choose a new ruler for this kingdom. My time has come and my death is certain to be soon.” By hearing this news, tears spilled out from my blue eyes. “Hannah, don’t cry, for it is time that one of my children are to be the sovereign of Munich.” Father smiled weakly. I took a peek at my siblings. Loyd wore a concerned expression while Peter looked down at the cold floor. “To choose the ruler of Munich, you will be put to the test to see if you are fit to be King or Queen,” continued Father. Loyd wore now a stoic expression while his eyes danced around. But Peter smirked, almost like he was happy to fight for the throne and glad to hear that Father was dying. I didn’t want this to be true. I had heard of siblings fighting to the death just to be King. I didn’t want this to happen to my family. “Your task will take place in thirty minutes. Each of you will need to roll a boulder across the Royal Arena to represent your strength and commitment to the kingdom,” announced Father.

     My mind buzzed with thoughts of fear and excitement. Whatever else Father said was a blur in my mind. All I could think about was the thrill of the difficult task and the division of our family.

     After the long explanation, I was rushed to my chambers by maids to get ready for the contest. Servants provided me with padding and shining armor, though I didn’t think I needed it. I was going to push a rock, not go into war. But, I didn’t object. My long hair was neatly tied into a bun, and before I knew it, the challenge was about to start. Maids led me to a vast arena, the Royal Arena, where the contest was prepared. I lined up, parallel to my siblings and deep in thought and wonder. How would I move a boulder the size of two horses? My brothers would definitely manage. They’d probably easily carry the boulder across the finish line, due to their incredible strength. I wouldn’t, however. I was a scrawny girl with no muscles whatsoever.

     A crowd of citizens settled down, ready to start the show. Some even cheered for people that they were rooting for.

     “Go Loyd!”

     “Go Peter!” Not one person rooted for me.

     “Citizens of Munich! We are here to choose my successor in this task. The task is all about the strength and commitment of the ruler,” shouted Father. He was sitting at the top of the arena, gazing at me with a playful expression. “Let’s begin!” shouted the King, signaling the start of the challenge.

    Immediately, my brothers and I started. I pushed the boulder and it didn’t budge. I grunted and push again until I was drenched in sweat. My heart was pounding. Thump. Thump. Thump. I didn’t know what to do.

     It was at that moment that my mind sparked a new idea. I noticed how there was a gap between the ground and the boulder, allowing space for something similar to a plank of wood to fit. I looked around and found Loyd’s shining sword glimmering in the sunlight.

     “Loyd, can I borrow your sword?” I asked while wheezing and panting, still tired from my initial attempt.

     “Sure,” Loyd murmured while slowly trudging to the finish line with the heavy boulder on his back. Sweat poured down his face. I hurried back to my boulder after murmuring a quiet thanks to Loyd, and put my idea to use. While placing the thin sword in the gap, I pushed hard on the weapon, causing the boulder to inch towards the finish line.

     “I’m doing it!” I exclaimed. In just a few moments my boulder crossed Peter and soon Loyd. I was in the lead! With one final push, my boulder made it past the finish line! The whole arena went silent before erupting in cheers.

     “Hooray for Hannah!” shouted all the citizens. Loyd and Father rushed to congratulate me.

     “Great job Hannah! Or should I say Queen Hannah. You won because of your cleverness!” cried Father with bright tears in his eyes.

     “That’s not fair!” whined Peter. His cheeks were flushed and his eyebrows were furrowed. It looked like his stormy eyes were going to rain.

     “What’s the matter, Peter?”asked Father.

     “Hannah isn’t fit to rule! She’s a girl!” shouter Peter.

     “So what. A girl outsmarted you in a game of strength!” argued Loyd, defensively.

     “Peter, if you speak another word like that, you will be banished! It’s a disgrace to our family if you speak like that. Clearly, your sister is meant to be Queen,” concluded Father angrily. Everyone knew that the king’s words were final. The happy thoughts multiplying in my head quickly stopped after Peter’s next words.

     “If I’m a disgrace to our family, then I will leave Munich at once,” announced Peter. My mind exploded with sadness. I didn’t want to lose my brother. I slowly wept as Peter rode off into the distance, mounted on a stable horse. Everyone was too shocked to speak. All they could do was watch the silhouette of the former prince of Munich. That was the day when Munich gained a new ruler, but lost a member of its royal family. This proved that my concerns before the competition could leave a family divided. I would never have put my idea into use if I knew that it was going to be in vain.


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