The Enchanting Wand – Preview

Chapter 1

“Mom, please!” begged a girl in fifth grade.

“No, Sarah. You cannot go to Raina’s house when your cousin Marcia is coming!” said Mrs.Walbridge, Sarah Walbridge’s mother in a firm, commanding voice. “I know you don’t want to spend time with Marcia since she is one year younger than you, but you must be nice, sweetie,” persuaded Mrs.Walbridge.

“Lily, it’s fine. Even you know that Marcia is a troublemaker, and if Sarah wants to be at her friend’s house for the day it’s okay,” cooed Mr.Walbridge.

“No! I will not allow it. Marcia is your sister’s daughter, Charlie. I know that Sarah and Marcia have a shaky friendship but I’m hoping today they will bond and be the best of friends.” Once Sarah had heard what her mother had said, she knew that there was no way to change her mind. The main reasons why Sarah did not want to spend the day with Marcia was because in the past years, when Marcia visited the Walbridge

household, Sarah always got in trouble. For example, when Marcia visited Sarah years ago, Marcia had jumped on the bed in the master bedroom. Marcia had broken the bed and had blamed it on Sarah. That month because of Marcia’s visit, Sarah couldn’t watch TV for the month. Another time Marcia had visited Sarah in the past year, Marcia brought her dog Maxie along with her and Maxie ate up Sarah’s science fair project on the week she had to present it. It was too late for Sarah to create all the information on her backboard, so Sarah had received an F on her science fair project because of Marcia. These times Marcia got punished for her cruel act instead of Sarah. These were the reasons why Sarah did not want to see Marcia. As Sarah rushed upstairs to her bedroom thinking of these memories the doorbell rang. Marcia’s here! Sarah ran and ran until she finally reached her room. Sarah locked the door of her room and closed the door with a crash. “Phew! Now I can just stay in my room for the whole day,” Sarah whispered to herself. As Sarah quietly sat on her comfy chair deciding to choose a book from her library (a huge bookshelf in Sarah’s room), the thought occurred to her that she had read every book on her  huge bookshelf. Maybe there will be some books that I will like in Mom’s and Dad’s library in their room, thought Sarah. As she tiptoed to her parent’s rooms Sarah heard the laughter of Marcia.

“That’s a funny joke, Uncle Charlie!” exclaimed Marcia bursting with laughter.

“Thank you, Marcia,” said Mr.Walbridge politely.

“Uncle Charlie, where is Sarah?” asked Marcia. When Sarah heard this from upstairs she began to run instead of walking to the master bedroom. As soon as Sarah arrived at the bedroom she began scanning through her parent’s’ bookshelf. All of the books are boring, thought Sarah. There has to be at be at least  one fiction book in this room! But as Sarah went searching everywhere in her parents’ room she couldn’t find any book she liked. I know where to get a book I will like! There has to be books in the attic, thought Sarah. As Sarah quietly scampered to her room she thought about where the attic could be. Maybe it’s in mom and dad’s bathroom. When Sarah arrived at her bedroom door, she suddenly realized that she couldn’t hear Marcia’s voice. As Sarah pushed the door open she found a girl with dark black hair, pale skin, twinkling green eyes, wearing a bright smile.

“Hello Sarah!” said Marcia joyfully. In horror, Sarah quickly looked away and before she could say anything, Marcia began to talk. “Sarah, Aunty Lily said you’d be here reading.” Sarah didn’t know what to say but the words just flew out of her mouth.

“Marcia, actually I’m going up to the attic to see if I can find a book.”

“Can I come with you?” asked Marcia excitedly.

“Umm,” before Sarah could say anything, Marcia rudely answered her own question.

“Thanks!” As Sarah began to walk out of her room and into her parents’ bathroom, Marcia loudly followed her cousin. When Sarah looked up at the bathroom ceiling, sure enough there the attic was. “How are we going to get up there?” asked Marcia. The part of Marcia’s sentence that really bothered Sarah was the word ‘we’. Sarah felt like Marcia instead should have said ‘you’. Sarah looked around the bathroom to find something the girls could climb to reach the attic. Suddenly, she spotted a stool that Marcia  and she could climb up. But Marcia had another thing in mind. “I have an idea,” said Marcia to Sarah. “Lets climb up the bathroom counter.”

“I have a better idea, let’s use that stool,” suggested Sarah pointing to a large black stool.

“Sure,” said Marcia casually. Marcia and Sarah both picked up the large stool and placed it right under the attic closing. “Who’s going first?” questioned Marcia.

“I will,” said Sarah unenthusiastically. Sarah stood on the stool, balancing and trying her best not to fall while Marcia held Sarah’s feet. Sarah pushed open the flat, white attic closing and with all her might, pulled herself up. Now it was Marcia’s turn. Marcia stood still on the stool not wobbling one bit and quickly pulled herself into the attic like a pro. Sarah marveled how quickly and easily Marcia had done this compared to her. Both the girls stood up in the dark, dusty attic with only the light of Sarah’s parents’ bathroom light streaming from the opening of the attic . Marcia and Sarah began their long fits of coughing because of the polluted air. “We better get the books fast,” whispered Sarah trying not to cough. “Also, we better not tell our parents.” Marcia agreed with what her cousin had said. For the first time in years, both girls were having a good time together.

Chapter 2

“I  can barely see anything!” exclaimed Marcia once she had gotten used to the dust in the attic.

“At least there is a small amount of light,” said Sarah hopefully. As both the girls slowly walked in the dark of the attic Sarah suddenly tripped over a large, dusty pile of thick books.

“Finally, we found some books!” cheered Marcia. Sarah was so happy that she and Marcia had finally found some books in the attic. Marcia and Sarah climbed down from the attic using the same stool and quickly ran to Sarah’s room. Both girls left the bathroom like how they saw it before, and dusted off the debris on their clothes. Once Sarah and Marcia had reached Sarah’s room, both of them sat down at once and studied the books.

“This book is called Crazy and Extreme Jokes,” said Sarah pointing to the book in her hand.

“This creepy book is called The Darkness Within, ” said Marcia. Sarah put down the book she was holding and studied the book that Marcia had just called out.

“Marcia look, there is some faded writing in this book,” observed Sarah looking down at the first page. Marcia came closer to Sarah and tried her best to read aloud the faded words on the page.

“Those that come and seek shall not find this world of darkness. Only those that come and meet will submerge through it,” Marcia read aloud.

“That makes no sense,” answered Sarah. When Marcia read those words, a dark feeling crept through Sarah’s bedroom and a strange feeling of silence made the room feel dark. “Let’s not read that book,” said Marcia while Sarah nodded in agreement. Quickly Marcia slammed the book shut and suddenly a cold air came from the book. The pages of the book turned itself to the page that Marcia had read aloud. The only thing the girls could do was stare and gape at what was happening in front of them. Out of nowhere came a cyclone in Sarah’s room and was sucking in everything in the room while the cousins screamed. Suddenly, Marcia got caught in the tornado and was making her way into The Darkness Within! At this sight, Sarah jumped into the cyclone and was after Marcia! Finally the book closed and everything that got caught in the cyclone went into the book. Sarah and Marcia screamed along the way and fell out of the gloomy sky into the book called The Darkness Within. The girls landed with a thud in a bundle of bushes.

“Where are we?” asked Sarah since she had noticed that they weren’t in her room.

“I have no idea,” said Marcia, starting to freak out.

“I think we are in the The Darkness Within book,” explained Sarah.

“But, how is that even possible. We are in a different dimension,” whispered Marcia.

“I know. But this is the best possible explanation we have,” answered Sarah reasonably.  

“But Sarah, what are we going to do?” whined Marcia.

“I think we should try to find some shelter,” said Sarah confidently.

“How will we find shelter? We are in the middle of the forest,” when Marcia said this, Sarah looked around and realized that they both had no chance of surviving. Suddenly a flash of brown and red was visible to Sarah and Marcia. “Remember there might be other creatures here unlike our world,” whispered Marcia. The two cousins hid behind a large bush trying to make no movement.

“Hello,” said a joyful voice behind the girls. Quickly the girls turned around expecting to see a man but instead saw two wolves. Sarah gasped. “No need to be afraid. We saw you fly out of the sky. We were hoping you were the ones in the prophecy,” said the male wolf.

“John, we forgot to introduce ourselves to the girls,” whispered the female wolf.

“Right. Girls, my name is John and my wife’s name is Susan,” said John in a welcoming way.

“What prophecy?” asked Sarah.

“We will tell you once we get home, sweetie.” said Susan wholeheartedly. Sarah and Marcia began trudging after John and Susan who were talking wolves. It was good that the kind couple’s house was just minutes away. Once everybody had arrived at Susan’s and John’s house the guests (Marcia and Sarah) were served a cup of hot chocolate and biscuits.

“Now can you tell us about the prophecy?” asked Sarah once everybody relaxed.

“Sure,” said John. “There is a prophecy about two girls who drop out of the sky and defeat the evil queen who is ruling Drafina (this world). We know you have to be the girls in the prophecy,” said John hopefully.

“Even if we are the girls in the prophecy, we don’t belong here and we better head home,” said Sarah reasonably.

“Oh,” said Susan sounding disappointed.

“We are sorry. Can you please tell us the way home?” asked Marcia suddenly sounding mature.

“We know how to get you home although, you may have to wait a few years,” said John. “A portal to your world opens every decade. Until then, you have to wait.”

“A few years?” asked Marcia in shock.

“Yes,” answered John.

“Is there any other way?” asked Sarah sadly.

“There is one way,” said John. “The other way is that you defeat the evil queen. Once you defeat her, all the portals will open up immediately and you can go home.”

“Oh,” sighed Marcia. “How do we defeat the evil queen?” asked Marcia which was a very difficult question for the wolf couple to answer.

“Well, we don’t know,” revealed Susan. “Although we have an idea. We think that the evil queen’s only weakness is the wand of light,” said Susan.

“What is the the wand of light?” asked Sarah

“The wand of light is a wand that can purify bad and turn it to good,” explained John.

“Why is it called the wand of light?” asked Marcia.

“The wand can purify objects through a magical light.”

“We need to find this wand before it’s too late!” gasped Marcia.

“Marcia, we don’t even know where this wand is!”said Sarah angrily. “Mr. John where is this wand located?”

“This wand is not located somewhere, it’s located everywhere. That means that a piece of the wand is located in each of the five lands including Drafina.”

“There are other lands?” asked Sarah, surprised.

“Yes. The lands are called Param, Galasia, Athsia, Tuntim, and our land called Drafina. Param is the land of talking animals. Galasia is the land of the goblins. Athsia is the land of the fairies. Tubtim, the land of trolls. Finally, Drafina the land of all the creatures in the lands combined!” said John excitingly.

“Each of the five pieces are located at the five palaces. Each piece is the ruler’s most prized possession. Although some rulers are friendly, most of them are incredibly dangerous,” said Susan.

“Do you know the prized possession of each kingdom?” asked Marcia.

“We don’t know all of the possessions but I hope you figure them out along the way,” said Susan hopefully. As soon as Sarah got up and started heading to the door Susan asked, “Where are you going dear.”

“I am going to find the pieces of the wand.” Once Marcia heard Sarah’s answer she too quickly got up and headed to the door.

“Girls, I have packed bags for you with lots of food,water and clothes for your long journey,” said Susan kindly. “Also John will be coming with you.” When John heard this he began to cough on his tea he was sipping.

“What!” exclaimed John.

“Yes dear, you will be going along with the girls.” When Susan said this she handed a bag to her husband.

“Susan I was just joking about the wand of light. It is nearly impossible to retrieve the items,” scoffed John.

“Do you want to live in fear of the evil queen every single day?” asked Susan.

“No,” said John sternly.

“Then go and find the items to make up the wand of light!” said Susan forcefully.

“Oh alright,” said John with an annoyed look on his face. At this conversation between the couple, the girls silently laughed. Marcia’s and Sarah’s journey for the wand of light was about to begin.

If you want to read more, you can get the book on this link: Or you can go to the amazon website and type in Anya Iyer. Along with The Enchanting Wand, there are also some of my other books there as well.


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