The Astonishing Odyssey – Book 3

Chapter 1-Kai

We have finally found Vishnu! Aria, Bryn, Raim, and I, are going to the god world tomorrow.  So, in the meantime, we have training and we need to pack our clothes. Bryn, Aria, and I have been training difficult commands to help with our journey. So yeah, our training session with Raim is pretty hard to do because we have to do our commands in a small room. Bryn has already tried asking for a larger room, preferably the size of a basketball court. What I think is weird is that Raim spends so little money on that room. I started to pack my clothes when a flash of lightning struck outside the window. Then came a following voice, “Join me!” it whispered. “I will let you and your loved ones live!” I immediately knew who it was. It was the god demon, Ravana.

“Never!” I responded.

“Stop shouting,” retorted my sister from the next room. I then realized that I was talking out loud. Once I had finished packing, I rushed down to the dining table where a large feast was being served. Though Raim held everyday feasts, I still wasn’t quite comfortable with servants rushing around everywhere. That night while eating, Raim told us the plan for tomorrow.

“First, we are going to go the god world. All of you are familiar with this. Then, immediately, we’ll go to Sur’s palace. Sur has been researching on how to defeat Ravana. From there, Sur will take over,” Raim announced as a servant refilled his glass with hot chocolate. As soon as dinner was over, I quickly ran up the grand staircase that lead to my room and out to my small patio. I stared miraculously at the sky. I was amazed that the sky was filled with beautiful shades of red and purple. The sky melted all my worries away. But then, I heard a voice.

“Come, here!” shouted the unfamiliar voice. This didn’t sound at all like Ravana. Also, the voice was much clearer and louder. “Down, here, Kai!” As I looked down from my patio, all I could see was a red umbrella. I quickly pulled up the bright umbrella. Hanging on, was a mole!

“Who are you?” I asked the mole, whom had to be magical.

“I am a guru,” answered the mole.

“What’s a guru?” I questioned the little rodent.

“A priest to an indian temple.”

“Aren’t guru’s supposed to be human?” I asked again.

“Yes, in fact, I was a human before I was a mole,” it explained.

“Who turned you into a mole?” I asked suspiciously, making sure he wasn’t a spy.

“Ravana did,” the guru said sadly.


“Yes! Do you know him?” asked the mole.

“As a matter of fact, I do. My family and I are going to stop him!” I said confidently.

“You and your family?” the guru said with laughter.

“Hey! Anyways, moles don’t talk, how come you do?”

“When Ravana was turning me into a rodent, I escaped his clutches before he could complete the spell,” explained the rodent. “I also wanted to stop Ravana just like you want to. I was so close to defeating that monster, but then, he caught me. He took his staff and turned me into a mole. Although, Ravana could have given me a worse punishment.”

“So, you know how to stop Ravana?” I asked with interest.

“I know how to get into his palace and how to get past his traps, but, no, I don’t know how to defeat him,” said the mole sadly.

“Maybe, I can try turning you back to your original form,” I suggested.

“Sure, you can try.” As soon as I performed the spell, the mole got an electric shock.

“Why isn’t it working?” I asked.

“Are you doing the spell correctly?”

“Yes, I am,” I answered.

“I don’t know then,” said the guru.

“I forgot to ask, but what’s your name?”

“My name is Mole.”

“You’re name is actually Mole?” I asked. “What a coincidence!”

“Unfortunately, it isn’t a coincidence. Anyways, can I help you defeat Ravana?” asked Mole with pleading eyes.

“Sure,” I shrugged. I quickly found a basket and put a blanket inside with a comfortable pillow.

“I think we both better get some sleep. We both have a big day tomorrow,” Mole yawned. I had to admit, I was exhausted. In just a few moments, I dozed off.

Chapter 2 – Bryn

“Wake up!” I shouted as my lazy brother yawned sleepily. “It’s time to start our mission!” I hollered.

“Already?” Kai cried.

“Yes, now get up,” I said in an annoyed tone.

“Ok, but I need some time to get dressed,” answered Kai. As I headed out of my brother’s room, I saw my brother awkwardly look at a small brown basket. Suddenly, my tummy twisted into a giant knot. I remembered that I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. I rushed downstairs where I found Aria and Raim digging into muffins and donut holes. As I sat down, just like Raim and Aria, I attacked my food like a stray dog and gulped down my orange juice quickly. In about three minutes, I had finished my bacon, eggs, fruit, juice, and my cherry jello. Suddenly, my tummy bulged and I felt like I was going to throw up.

“Did you sleep well?” Raim asked to both me and Aria. We both nodded our heads as an answer. “Glad to hear.” We all heard a loud crash upstairs.

“I will check what that was,” informed a servant. As he ran upstairs, another crash followed the first one.

A few moments later, the servant came running down the stairs. “There is a monster in the boy’s room!” cried the servant. This meant that Kai was in danger! Raim, Aria, and I dashed up the stairs to help Kai. When we entered my brother’s room, nothing was there except a small mole.

“They took Kai!” gasped the mole.

“You can talk?” I asked.

“Yes, but that doesn’t matter,” said the mole while running around in frantic circles. “Bakasura took your brother!”

“Who’s Bakasura?” I asked.

“He’s the demon that got killed by Vishnu,” explained the mole.

“How is Ravana and these other demons coming back from the dead?” asked Aria.

“I don’t know,” admitted the mole.

“That’s the least of our problems. First, we need to find Kai!” I shouted, getting everyone’s attention.

“He’s probably in the god world with Ravana,” said Raim.

“How did Bakasura travel between worlds without the spell?” I asked. This was getting more and more complicated.

“Since the demons’ power is growing, they can travel without the spell,” explained Raim.

“Anyways, we better go to heaven and get the help of Sur to save Kai,” said Raim quickly. Once we all arrived at the living room, Raim began reciting the spell to get to the god world. In a flash, we were standing in front of Sur’s palace.

“Hello,” Sur said as he waved happily. But soon, his smile disappeared. “Where’s Kai?”

“He got kidnapped by Bakasura,” I explained, sadly.

“Oh, no,” cried Sur. “He might get killed!”

“What?” I asked. Suddenly, I started to sob. I am not a person who cries a lot, but for some reason, I started to think of a life without my brother. Even though I have Aria, Raim, and Sur, with me, Kai wouldn’t be there. He was my brother. Suddenly, I knew how to destroy Ravana.

Chapter 3-Kai

Where am I. As I looked around, I remembered that I had been captured by the demon, Bakasura. When I tried getting up, I felt a burning sensation in my thigh. As I looked to my side, I found that a large piece of flesh had been torn off my thigh and my bone was clearly visible through the blood. My cries of pain was interrupted by a menacing laugh. I instantly knew who that was. It was Ravana. For the first time, I carefully looked around and found that I was being held captive in Ravana’s dungeon. I heard loud footsteps approaching me. On my bottom, I tried scooting into the far corner of my cell, but had no luck. In a moment, an ugly man came into my cell, grabbed me by my neck, and took me away.

“Help!” I tried to say, but all the came out was a bunch of coughing. The man dropped me on the floor in what looked like a grand throne room. Ravana’s throne room. As I tried to get up, a large man with a shadowy face, muscular body, and a large golden crown stood above me. This was Ravana. “Please, don’t hurt me,” I whimpered.

“Oh, why would I do anything to you, Kai,” cooed Ravana. Before I could say anything, Ravana stepped in. “Now let’s get you cleaned up. My servants will provide you with excellent service. After that, my doctor will attend to your wounds. Now meet the dining room at 6:00 sharp,” said Ravana casually. Suddenly, many servants carried me into a grand master bed room. Gold was everywhere. On the bed canopy, cupboards, picture frames, and many more objects.

“Try to clean up here, and once you’re done, ring the bell,” said the servant pointing to a golden bell on my bed.

“Thanks,” I said through a forced smile. I then thought of what Ravana had said. “I would do anything for you.” He must be trying to brainwash me. But, I needed to clean up, and I definitely needed a doctor, so I decided to do what Ravana had said.

After I was done with my shower, I found a blue silk robe on my bed, so I quickly put it on. Before ringing the bell, I thought about the treatment that Ravana was giving me. It seemed too good to be true. As soon as I rang the bell, like the servant had instructed, a doctor entered my room. As I laid down on the bed, the doctor wrapped bandages around my wound. When he was done, I rested for several minutes. A faint noise disturbed my sleep. I could hear whispering out of my door. As I limped to towards the noise silently, I could hear it much more clearly.

“We’ve got him. All we need is that little boy, to regain power over the world. Once we’ve sucked out the immense power in him, we need to kill him. All that power, wasted on a young fool!” whispered Ravana.

“Yes, your highness,” said a palace guard.

That’s his plan. Ravana wants to suck out some kind of power in me. But, I’m not that powerful. Anyways, I hope that Bryn, Aria, Raim, and Sur, are safe.

Suddenly, the door opened to reveal a servant standing, with her mouth open.

“What are you doing next to the door?” asked the maid.

“Oh, I was just um, exercising my legs, to make sure I can walk well,” answered Kai, nervously.

“No, don’t do that. You should rest. Oh and it’s time for dinner. Please, take a seat,” she said while gesturing to a rolling chair.

In an instant, Kai arrived at the grand dinning room. There was a large wooden table with beautiful carvings. A red silk cloth covered the large table and platters of food sat on the large table. It was the biggest feast Kai had ever seen. Servants were still placing appetizing food on the table. But Kai knew better than to eat the food placed before him.

“I’m not hungry,” said Kai while Ravana and other people at the table greedily ate.

“What do you mean? This is the finest food in the land! How dare you not eat my food!” screamed Ravana, outraged.

“I’m not in the mood for food,” said Kai, calmly.

“Then, you shall starve while you’re here,” answered Ravana. When Ravana snapped his fingers, guards came and dragged Kai to the dungeons. He decided to meditate calmly in his cell. Earlier, Kai had read that meditation allowed you to be positive and calm. Out of nowhere, Kai heard knocking on his cell door.

“Come in,” said Kai. A strange, puny looking man emerged from the door. He had a thick beard and bright eyes.

“Hello Kai. I am Ravana’s brother, Vibhishana,” said the man calmly.

“How do I know that you aren’t a threat?” asked Kai defensively.

“Long ago, when my brother first fought Vishnu and kidnapped his wife, I was supporting Vishnu. It hasn’t changed. I still honor Lord Vishnu and I hope that the good wins over the evil once again, but I cannot do that alone. Will you help me?” asked Vibhishana.

A lot of things were going through Kai’s mind. He wanted the same as Vibhishana. He seemed trustworthy. Finally he gave answer, “Yes.” Vibhishana’s whole face lit up.

“Thank you. We must prepare,” answered Vibhishana while smiling. There was still many plans to make, and a long way to go before we defeat Ravana.


Chapter 4 – Bryn

Raim and Mole had gone to get Kai from Ravana’s palace. Raim and Mole would face as much danger as my brother had. But I didn’t object because I knew that we couldn’t just leave Kai. So Raim and Kai had gone to get my brother.

Meanwhile, Sur, Aria, and I, were figuring out to get Vishnu’s memory back. Recently, Vishnu had lost his memory and was stuck with the mindset of a three year old.

“You stinky,” said Vishnu waving a hand around his head.

“No, that’s you. C’mon Vishnu, I said go to the bathroom when you need to,” said Aria.

“Oops,” said Vishnu, making a mess on the floor.

“Hurry, go to the bathroom while I clean this up,” moaned Aria to Vishnu.

“Oke dockey,” murmered Vishnu as a response.

“Aria, hurry, up!” cried Sur. “We need to find a way to get Vishnu’s memory back!”

“First, we need to figure out how to potty train him,” answered Aria through gritted teeth. Suddenly, that’s when an idea hit me.

“We should bring something that grown-up Vishnu would think important. Maybe, it will trigger his memory!” I exclaimed.

“Wonderful idea! But I think rather than bringing a thing, we should bring a person that was important to him,” explained Sur.

“We should bring Lakshmi!” shouted Aria with excitement.

In just moments, Sur had brought the Goddess of Luck. Lakshmi was shocked to hear that Vishnu had the brain of a three year old. But, still she was excited to see him.

“Open your eyes,” I directed to Lakshmi. Before her was standing the whining Vishnu. Suddenly, seeing Lakshmi, he suddenly remembered.

“What’s your name?” I asked the god.

“Vishnu,” he answered.

“What are you the god of?”I asked again.

“I’m the god of protection.”

I needed one final question to know for sure. “Who’s Ravana?”

“Ravana is the enemy I fought when I was a reincarnation,” answered Vishnu.

“He’s back!” cried Aria. “Now you can help us defeat Ravana!”

“He’s back?” asked Vishnu with surprise. It took a while to explain it to him, but Vishnu understood. “Don’t worry. I shall fight him right now,” said the god confidently.  We all were so happy to have him back. “But first, we need to assemble the other gods to help us fight,” declared Vishnu. We were getting close to defeating Ravana.




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