The Waking of God-Book 2

Chapter 1-Bryn

   Hi. There is another update. We found the spell to get to heaven a month ago. Now we are going to find Vishnu. We are in the Sur’s palace, which is inside the god world. Kai and I have been training there, and we’re much better at using staffs than a month ago. Sur has been getting information about where Vishnu might be while Raim has been training us. We are ready to find Vishnu.

“Let’s go!” I shouted as Kai slowly walked out of the bathroom

“Ok, ok, sheesh!” he mumbled. We climbed on Pump (our gigantic falcon) and we were ready to start.

“We have to fly to Vishnu’s palace,” said Sur. In under a minute we reached his palace. Pump stopped before an incredible structure. There was a beautiful garden with neatly manicured lawns and vibrant, golden flowers everywhere. There were massive marble columns which held a white dome and statues of different gods. Inside was Lakshmi, the goddess of good fortune.

“Why are you crying?” Raim asked gently.

“Because I have lost my husband, Lord Vishnu,” she answered sadly. I couldn’t believe she was here grieving for her husband for more than a thousand years! After all Lakshmi was the goddess of good fortune, now it seemed she was the goddess of bad fortune.

“Well you’re in luck. We are going to find Vishnu,” said my very dumb brother.

“Bye!” I shouted as I waved to Lakshmi.

“Bye!” shouted Lakshmi. We soon flew off in the distance while the magnificent palace became smaller and smaller.

“We are now going to Vishnu’s ritual temple,” explained Sur. Just as he finished his sentence, we arrived at the temple. Once we had landed we slowly walked inside the temple. As we were examining the old temple I saw a girl about the same age as me walking around the temple. The girl was wearing skinny jeans (just like mine) and had her long black hair tied in pigtails. I think she was looking for someone or something.  I walked up to that girl. “Hi!” I said.

I think that I scared the wits out of that girl, but she answered back

“Hi! Are you Bryn Avalon?”

I couldn’t believe that she knew my name! “Yes,” I answered back.

“I am Aria Zubaar. Lord Ganesha told me to help you.”

“This is Kai, my brother, Raim, my uncle and, Surbeshwara, also known as Sur.

“You can help us find what we are looking for,” said Sur.

“What are we looking for exactly?” asked Kai.

“We are looking for a secret passage like last time. In the passage we will hopefully find a bell with a giant crack in it.”

”Like the liberty bell, right?” Kai asked.

“Yes, like that but smaller,” answered Raim.

”Ok, let’s get to work,” interrupted Sur.

“Ok!” we all said together. We started to search everywhere. Something in this temple was really creepy. I even passed a carving of a giant king cobra with a really tiny pop-up tooth.Wait a second a pop-up tooth? I quickly ran over and then pressed the tooth. Suddenly an enormous entrance popped up on the wall revealing a passageway. Everyone turned and looked at the passage and then me. They rushed over to me and pulled out flashlights.

“Aria I think you should stay here,” said Raim.

“No! I want to come with you. Why do you think that Ganesha sent me here?”  Before Raim could answer Aria interrupted,“To help you!”

“Ok, fine come!” sighed Raim handing Aria an extra flashlight.

As soon as everyone was ready, we walked into the darkness.

Soon, we came to a dead-end. A rusty bell with a large crack was sitting on a stone slab. I quickly lifted the heavy bell and handed it to Sur. Before I could do anything the passage in which we were in started to crack!

“Oops!” I exclaimed. We quickly ran as fast as could while the whole passage began to crumble.  Suddenly, a giant rock hit me and then I fainted.


When I woke up, I was lying down on Pump’s back with everyone looking at me. “What happened,” I asked.

“Well you blacked out and Sur and Raim had to rescue you. We were so worried that you wouldn’t open you’re eyes,” sniffled Kai with tears in his eyes. I didn’t know that Kai actually cared about me. I thought he was just a snooty older brother, but, I guess I was wrong.

As soon as we climbed on Pump, Sur said, ”Our next stop is The Valley of The Gods.”

In 20 seconds, we landed in the beautiful valley. I could see bowers of flowers everywhere and there was a beautiful meadow beyond the valley.  The birds were chirping happily.

“So what do we do here?” I asked.

“We have to find the disc of Vishnu which is hidden somewhere here. If we see any monsters, they won’t harm us if we show them the disk.  Also it will help us find Vishnu,” said Sur.

So we have to find a disk in this huge valley?” asked Kai.

“Yes!” answered Sur.

“Let’s split up,” I suggested.

“Ok!” agreed everyone.

“Sur and Bryn will search together while Aria, Kai, and I fly on Pump while searching,” said Raim. As they headed of, I asked Sur, “Which way should we go?”

“East,” Sur answered. We started walking up the hill. It kept going on, for what seemed like forever. Finally, I saw something at the very top of the hill. As I squinted, I saw a golden disk poking out of the hill! “That’s Vishnu’s disk,” I said pointing to a dull golden disk.

“Your right! I can’t believe I didn’t spot the disc first! After all I have eyes like a hawk!” cried Sur.

“C’mon!” I shouted. We both ran as fast as we could. Finally, we reached the top of the hill. Suddenly I heard a voice.

“What are you doing here?” It was Sweetheart!

“Hi! Can you pull that disk out from that rock?” I asked.

“Sure!” said Sweetheart. In no time at all, we were heading down the hill with the disk in our hands.

“We found it!” I told Kai.

“Good!” said Raim once he heard about the disk “Let’s go back to Sur’s house and rest,” suggested Raim.

“Ok!” we all agreed. Once we got Sur’s palace I sloped down to my bed. As soon as I hit the pillow I fell asleep. Hours passed until it was finally ready to wake up.

“Wake up!” Sur called from downstairs. I got up quickly, and was ready to leave.

“We are ready!” said Raim as we headed towards Pump. As we took off, I had a feeling that I would never see Sur’s palace again.


Chapter 2-Kai

        Today is the day we are going to find Vishnu. Sur told us that we are going to our old house that belonged to our parents in San Francisco, which seems a little weird. So now we are going to get out of heaven. Just like how we came here, we uttered the spell and in a blink we were at our old house. As we entered inside, I could see that the furniture was ripped. We slowly walked through the maze of cobwebs and we saw a nearby painting of Vishnu.

“AdghATita,” said Raim, which meant open. The painting opened to reveal a small dark hallway. I slowly walked in while Aria followed behind me. I had never known that this had been in my old house! The hallway turned into a lighted staircase. There were carvings on the walls. The long staircase turned into a flat surface. Suddenly, I saw a demon and showed him the disk we had collected earlier.  The demon ran away. We started walking again. Goosebumps appeared on my skin as I saw another demon. I didn’t know that our house was filled with ugly monsters.

“This is easy!” I said as I showed the disk to another monster.

“Don’t be to sure of yourself!” warned Sur. We walked for what felt like hours. The carvings on the walls grew creepier and creepier. There were snakes eating humans on one wall while the other wall showed a snake breathing fire!

Suddenly I heard a voice speak in my mind! It said, ”You won’t make it! You will die trying to kill me! Vishnu will not destroy me and force me back into the underworld. Vishnu has no memory at all because I destroyed it! I will rule the world!” shouted Ravana. I shivered at the thought gruesome deaths and the world getting ruled by the god demon, Ravana. We walked on and on. Suddenly, a large snake popped up! Raim showed him the disk, but the snake just laughed.

“Vishnu’s disk won’t scare me like how it scares the other foolish demons!” the snake rasped.

“Who are you!” shouted Kyra.

“I am Kaliya the snake that got killed by Krishna the reincarnation of Vishnu. I want to get revenge, so I am working with Ravana,” said Kaliya. “Ravana brought me back to life, so I am helping him.”

“Why are you telling us then?” asked Aria.

“Because I am going to kill you now!” shouted Kaliya. I quickly got an idea!

“Agni!” I said while flames rose up and closed on the serpent. But in a moment the flames disappeared and Kaliya didn’t get burned at all!

“DHul!” Bryn said but the serpent didn’t turn into dust, which was surprising because Bryn’s “DHul” spell worked on everything!

“Kaliya’s weakness is speed!” muttered Sur. “We have to escape and run as fast as we can!” suggested Sur. “Ready! On 3! 1,2,3! Go!” shouted Sur. We raced past the serpent while it tried to grab us with its poisonous fangs! Again, while I was running I heard a voice!

“Help!” I suddenly realized that it was Aria’s voice! I stopped and saw that the coils of the snake were squeezing Aria! Before I could move, Raim scampered toward Kaliya and started to fight him with his own hands! When Kaliya tried to bite down on Raim, he quickly dodged him and started moving again! While Raim was fighting with the snake, Aria escaped! Suddenly they both started running towards us.

As soon as everyone had calmed down Aria asked,  “Why did you save me?”

“Because you are my daughter! Raim said. I couldn’t believe it!

“I thought that my parents already died,” Aria told Raim.

“No. You got stolen from me. I guess the people who stole you, died,” Raim explained.

“I am so glad that I still have someone there for me!” Aria said.

”We all will be there for you. And just remember that you are an Avalon now, “said Raim. As we walked on, I still wished that my dad were still here.


Chapter-3 Bryn

      We are really close to finding Vishnu! Yay! (Kai says to stop talking.)

So we kept on walking when we saw a handsome person floating in the air with a crown and everything! This was Vishnu!

“How do we wake him?” I asked.

“The book says to put his disk beside his body, “said Sur. “Now we have to place the bell on top of his body,” Sur said again. I held the bell with the help of Raim and we placed it on his stomach. Once we did, I couldn’t believe that the god was still floating! Sur snapped his hands and we saw Vishnu’s eyes fly open!

“I am Bryn, this is lord Surbeshwara, my uncle Raim, my brother Kai, and my cousin Aria.” I explained.

“Blah, blah, blahblah, prrst,” said Vishnu while spitting.

“What?” I asked.

“Prrst!” said Vishnu again.

You have to defeat Ravana!” said Kai. But Vishnu didn’t answer.

“What’s wrong with him?” asked Aria.

“Well it seems as if he has lost his memory?” said Sur. Suddenly Kai explained us everything about Ravana telling him that Vishnu’s memory was destroyed.

“Well I guess I should take him back to my palace, while you return to the New York mansion,” explained Sur.

“Sure,” agreed Raim. “While we are there all of us can get some extra training,” said Raim to me, Kai and Aria.

“Bye Sur!” we all said, as we returned to our world. I am sure that our adventure was interesting but all adventures have to come to an end. So we will see you next time when we destroy Ravana once and for all.

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