A Proven Warrior

“My lord, tomorrow will be important since the kingdom will be celebrating your fiftieth year as king!”

Midas, the king of Athena, Greece had been ruling Athena with great power for nearly half a century. While the sire was getting ready for the big day, Perseus, a palace guard who was very well muscled was defending the west gate of the large coliseum, where the king lived. It was a beautiful day in Athena, but perspiration streamed down Perseus’s face as though he took a bath. Protecting the king was hard work. Many people thought so, but Perseus was glad to serve the king and his empire. At that very moment, the usually calm King Midas streamed through the west gate of the enormous palace.

“My precious crown has been stolen!” The furious king shouted. “King Steven’s servant stole the crown! And I didn’t think he could do any worse! MY LIFE LONG ENEMY!!!” Screeched the king. “Now how will I get it back?”

“I will get it back for you!” Volunteered the daring Perseus without even thinking. “I would do anything to get it my lord!”

“You, but we have much finer knights and soldiers than you,” Midas said in a scornful tone.

“Please, my lord. I promise to be back in two days.” Perseus begged.

“I don’t know. I have better knights and guards to bring back the imperial crown,” said the king who was growing frustrated.

“Majesty, you sent all the finest knights to Chania to fight in the war regarding territory,” reminded the King’s advisor.

“Very well. Perseus shall go to retrieve my crown as long as he comes back in two days,” said the King sadly.

So it was at that moment that Perseus set out on a knightly quest to bring back the imperial crown. Along with him was a centaur, a half horse, half human. The centaur had strong hooves, a large lower body, and was very majestic. Also, Perseus took along with him, his trusty dagger which had been used for many village jousts as well as a numerous amount of supplies. Perseus’s plan was to use the mighty centaur to sniff the way to the sovereign’s palace. From there on, the centaur would also lead him to the crown because of its impeccable sense of smell.

“Well, let’s get going Centy,”said Perseus as the magical creature began to follow the scent of King Stephen’s castle. The journey was about a day’s worth of riding at full speed on a horse, but on a centaur the time literally flew by in minutes since the ride was much shorter. In no time at all, Perseus arrived at the grand fortress in Delphi,Greece. The fortress was heavily guarded with many, many palace guards and a triple moat. An enormous drawbridge was the only way to get across and in to the fortress.

Immediately, the centaur began sniffing to the crown once at the fortress. “Stop Centy,” whispered Perseus as he got off the beautiful centaur. Perseus looked for another passage way but unfortunately, the only way was through the front of the large and menacing fortress. As the daring Perseus thought of a plan, he then realized that the soldiers guarding King Steven’s home could be put to sleep with the centaur’s enchanting voice. “Centy, sing.” As Perseus said this, he covered his ears so that he wouldn’t fall into the same trance as the awaiting palace guards.  On cue, the majestic centaur began to sing a beautiful melody. The palace guards stared in awe at both Perseus and the centaur before pulling off into a deep sleep.

Perseus then took out his sharp, powerful dagger in which he used to chop a nearby tree to create a bridge across the moat. Centy slowly walked across the natural bridge watching out for enormous gators and piranhas. Every little step brought the massive centaur closer to the end of the moat. Trailing behind the magical creature was Daring Perseus with a not so daring look on his face. This was the riskiest moment in his life so far. Just as Perseus breathed a sigh of relief since he was close to the end, a small but fiesta piranha jumped up, sinking its teeth into Perseus’s leg! The warrior yelped in pain but kept going because his life depended on it.

Perseus felt an excruciating pain as he neared the end of the natural bridge. He kept going and finally pulled the piranha off his leg! He felt more pain than words could describe. Perseus gasped because through the blood of his wound, He could see his bone! Seeing this, Centy who was completely unharmed, offered to aid the fallen warrior.

“Get on my back,” said the centaur from the upper human part. The thankful Perseus climbed up, onto the marvelous creature while it kept following its nose. The centaur aided the fallen warrior by handing him a damp cloth. “My saliva will heal your wound,” said the centaur. Without warning, a small drop from the centaur’s mouth fell upon Perseus.

“Thank you, Centy,” said Perseus. “I wouldn’t have done this without you.”

After what seemed like ages, the centaur finally stopped before a large watchtower.

“This must be it,” said Perseus to himself. Slowly and carefully, Perseus got off Centy and tiptoed into the open room. To his surprise, all the guards who were supposed to be guarding the room, were fast asleep with loud snores. In the center of the room was a large chest which undoubtedly held the crown. “Oh no, its locked,” thought Perseus. He quickly hid behind the large chest since he heard someone approaching.

“Wake up you  fools!” Demanded a man who had just entered the room. Suddenly, all the awoken guards scrambled to their feet.

“Terribly sorry your Highness,” peeped up a guard.

“YOUR MAJESTY,” contradicted the man.

“This must be the uptight, agitated king,” thought Perseus.

“I have a feeling that someone has entered the castle,” said the king.

“N n n no,” stammered a guard.

“Well, still be on the lookout,” mentioned the king. Perseus squinted his eyes and found something shiny, dangling around the king’s neck. That had to be the key to the chest! While the other guards were shifting to change their post, Perseus swiftly crept out of the watchtower and began following the king, who was making his way down a long corridor. Frequently, the king looked behind his back and Perseus quickly hid behind a wall.

“Time for a good night’s sleep,” said the King out loud to himself as a loud yawn escaped his mouth. Perseus found himself following the king to his chambers. As soon as the king had reached his chambers, he collapsed on his bed followed by loud, frequent snores. Meanwhile, Perseus, who was scared to death looked like anything but a brave warrior. He was sweating so much, that he looked like he had been out for a swim. Finally, Perseus got the courage to take the key and took off running in the direction of the watchtower.

“Centy, please come out,” pleaded Perseus once he was in front of the watchtower. Seconds later the magnificent centaur magically appeared. Without warning, the centaur kicked open the door of the watchtower and the guards in the watchtower were startled by the massive creature. Centy was distracting the soldiers while Perseus opened the chest which held the crown. The crown was absolutely beautiful as it shimmered as the light from the outside sun hit it. It looked like a torch in Perseus’s hand. “Later,” said Perseus as he quickly got on Centy and rode away.

“Get him!” Shouted a guard. Fortunately, none of the guard’s horses were any match for the powerful centaur. In moments, Centy and Perseus very going arrive at the kingdom to give the crown to its rightful owner. The guards who by this point had given up trying to retrieve the crown had no clue what to say to their king.

Soon, they arrived in Athens,Greece with moments to spare. Perseus held the crown above his head while the peasants, knights, and palace guards clapped. King Midas quickly rushed to Perseus wailing tears of joy.

“My hero!” Sobbed the powerful king at sight of his crown. “I’m so sorry I doubted you earlier. What would you like, oh great Perseus?” Asked the king.

“I would like to become a knight and prove myself to my kingdom,” said Perseus while smiling.

“My dear boy, you have already proven yourself by returning my crown. In fact, I would like to make you head of the royal army,” complimented the king. This made Perseus grin from ear to ear. Now, the kingdom’s safety rested on Perseus’s hands. Finally it was time for the festival that honored the King of Athens. “Let the festivities begin,” shouted the King excitedly. The kingdom roared its  and knew that the future in Athens would be safe, peaceful, and would be filled with happiness.

Whatever challenges came Perseus’s way, he and his beloved centaur believed that they could solve it. Perseus had proven himself to Athens and the people in his village.


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